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these are all rich people by tachibana-chan these are all rich people by tachibana-chan
OK SO. this behemoth of a thing

basically magu was talking about drawing her old ocs once again, which spurred me to revisit my own ocs. particularly, i decided to focus on these four - they're in a pokemon oc universe that i developed for quite a long time. for one reason and another, namely me focusing on another pokemon oc universe and juggling other stories unrelated to this, i completely forgot about these guys for 1-2 years, until i was reminded of them just a day or two ago

to put it shortly, YES THESE ARE ALL RICH PEOPLE. in this oc universe, the pokemon league of each region, barring kanto and johto's, work with a family with strong ties to the culture and traditions of each region. it's basically a government working with a royal family. these ocs are heirs to these families, with the exception of carolin (the second one from the left) who is still closely linked to the family. also, because i haven't developed the "kanto + johto + hoenn + sinnoh = japanese" thing when i was working on this universe, everyone here has english names!

...well, three of them DID have japanese names. i just don't feel like sharing it :'P

before i get into each character, you can find a version without the pokemon right here because i thought it looked nice


madison is the protagonist most of the time, and the heir of the russell family in sinnoh. she's following after her mother's footsteps to become head of the family, which means she'll be working with the sinnoh pokemon league in the future. at first, she was discouraged from going on a pokemon journey due to safety reasons and whatnot, but madison was like "screw this crap i want to travel", escaped the mansion and got on a ferry to kanto. (obviously her mom knew, but she just sent the butler to keep madison protected instead of dragging her daughter back) in kanto, madison befriends green and red in pallet town and kind of becomes red's rival of some sort. she's later joined by her cousin carolin

the pichu on madison's shoulder is her starter that she got from professor oak. he eventually evolves into a raichu and is named "oran", because he loves oran berries. he was actually the reason why ayame (my hero of pmd2) has an orange scarf rofl

for her design, i used the jacket she was designed to wear in unova and basically slapped knee-length trousers on her. as for the colors, i had this in mind (note: this includes colors for the next two characters), but i couldn't bring myself to keep the pink trousers because it looked terrible in the long run. she also has eyes of different color because i tried different ones like brown and red, but then i settled with amber-colored

trivia: maddie actually started out NOT as a pokemon oc! when i used to role-play in the playground with two of my ex-friends during elementary school, we pretended to be rich ojous. even after our falling-out i continued to develop madison, who had a different name then. she later turned into a pokemon oc. this means that she was the only reason why this universe even exists xD;;;


carolin russell is the younger cousin of madison, and becomes the protagonist during the bw arc. like i said before, she's not the heir to any family. however, she's basically the pearl fey of this oc universe, if i had to put it simply. she's the only child in the russell branch family, the branch family she's born from wants to become the main family, and carolin has a good relationship with her cousin madison. i... honestly didn't mean to write her that way, even though i played ace attorney before creating her :'D

a little background on carolin: she lives in goldenrod city with either her parents or her grandparents... whoever doesn't want to take over the main family. carolin was a urban city kid and a prankster, and i'm pretty sure she was hated by other people or something. i really don't remember much about her! it's been too long since i thought about her...

the really kind-looking gastly behind carolin is actually supposed to look like that - the gastly lived in ilex forest and was thought to be a prankster by travelers. carolin as a kid got to the bottom of it and found out that this gastly was actually kind-hearted and just wanted to lead passerby people to the exit in case they got lost, but he was misunderstood and attacked by multiple pokemon owned by trainers. carolin befriended the poor gastly, named him "lavender" ("lav" in short), and eventually chose him as her starter. ever since, she's made it her dream to help kind-hearted ghost-type pokemon to not be treated as bad pokemon by other people

this is something i never shared, but carolin is actually "younger" than you think. i didn't create her until bw came out, even though she's maddie's cousin. carolin used to kind of look like touko. that one was most likely deliberate. making her the hero of ideals wasn't my plan though; it's only after i realized that carolin's past with lav and her dream to help ghost-types coexist with humans would make her a very interesting hero to contrast n, who wants to separate pokemon from humans. heck, without turning her into n's chosen one, she would've just been around for no reason other than being "the cousin"

design-wise, i used this piece of clothing she was supposed to wear in unova and gave it colors from this. her hairstyle was completely changed because i couldn't figure out her old hairstyle, and honestly i wanted her to look different from touko.


a.k.a. how in the world did you go from kind-of-plain to incredibly good-looking

lester, who also wasn't in the picture until bw came out for a while, is the heir of the wilton family in unova. he met the russell cousins when the latter sent a letter notifying the wilton family regarding them travelling to their region. lester joined the cousins in their journey and was involved in team plasma's shenanigans, though not as involved as carolin. he later becomes a recurring character and visits the two cousins occasionally

about his starter, i gave him tepig because i gave oshawott to carolin and snivy to madison. this is a bit ironic because lester is not fiery at all (that's carolin) but since i originally gave lester tepig, i wanted to keep things the same

lester's design hasn't really been majorly changed because i already had a firm idea on what he would dress like ever since he was created. his hairstyle is just exaggerated compared to the original, though i miiight have changed his skin tone - he wasn't even remotely dark-skinned when i originally designed him, but i used the color picker on this and saw that lester looked great in that skin color. so i just rolled with it |D


leah's not as developed in terms of story and design as the other three, but i still put her in here because she's pretty important

she's heir to the stanley family in hoenn, and was introduced to madison and carolin when the cousins went to hoenn for their journey. the three of them were involved in team magma and aqua's plans, and after a whole bunch of events, leah was in charge of going to sky pillar to awaken rayquaza to stop the fight. i don't remember if madison and carolin tagged along or stayed around in sootopolis city to minimize damages caused by the legendaries, but that's a story to think about for another day

as for her pokemon, unlike lester's case, leah is the only one to have a hoenn starter. i gave her mudkip because why not? so i herd she lieks mudkipz tbh she meets the two cousins with a marshtomp, but i'm not drawing a frickin marshtomp for this

design-wise, i could only find this as a reference for leah's clothes, and because i didn't draw her as much as the others, i had to wing her design. i took designs from may's oras design because leah's from hoenn. the only thing i KNEW leah has to have is the blue ribbon, which is why her shirt is now blue. also, her hair is this color because i played as her in harvest moon: a new beginning, and i gave her this hair color ;D


aaaaand i'm done. this piece was really fun and all, but it's like 3AM as i finish typing this. i'm going to get some sleep rofl
Quilofire Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
wah these all look so good!!!! a+ ocs mate
I like Madison and Carolin the most >u< Carolin's hair is so cuuuute
tachibana-chan Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student General Artist
SQUEAKS thank you so much!!! i really love these ocs so much even though i forgot about them for so long ;w;
and ahhhh i'm glad you like the cousins!! (tbh me too, considering i developed them more than anyone else in this universe rofl)
Quilofire Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
haha man it happens. i always develop the characters i like way more than ones I don't |D
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